Monday, February 2, 2009

Minor Effect.

Hi everyone!
Welcome to our blog! If you are reading this then you are interested in what's going on here so let me tell you how things work.

As you can see, we have started a Featured Seller post. We will have one of these each Thursday. It will start with the admin and "helpers" and move down the list. We also will have a Guest Blogger post (generally a member) on Mondays.

If you are interested in joining this group then let me tell you what we "require."
1. You should put somewhere in your shop (profile would be best) that you belong to the group Minor Effect and add the link to our blog. 2. You must join in our group sales when there is one. We haven't decided when there will be one but YOU will get to decide what kind of sale suits your shop best. We will then list who is having what kind of sale in a blog post for everyone to see. 3. You need to have at least 3 items in your shop! No exceptions. 4. and you will need to fill out an application. It will be similar to the interview I did in the Featured Seller post. We will use this whenever it is your turn to be the featured seller.
If you wish to be a part of this group please e-mail me at to get the application.

We are also starting an e-mail notice that will be sent out when we have group sales, a give away, or when there is an event. If you would like to get these notices please e-mail us at

If you have questions feel free to leave a comment!
See you around!
and do not forget about our myspace! add us as your friend on there:

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  1. this is AWESOME! i am following your bloggie thingie so i can keep up on all the kewel shops and promotions you are doin :D