Thursday, February 5, 2009


This week's Featured Seller is a co-founder of this group and helps in sending out emails and messages. Give a big hand for GARsticksandstring!!! And as a special thank you to all our followers, GAR is giving 25% off any purchase of $15 or more (before shipping)!! Simply enter the code "crayola" at checkout and wait for a revised invoice :)

The Basics:
Name: Glen
Location: Louisiana
Etsy shop: (link)

The Nitty-Gritty:
-Can you tell us the meaning behind your Etsy shop name?
GAR=initials sticks=knitting needles string=yarn

-When did you join Etsy?
sometime in late 2008

-What kinds of things are available in your shop?
lots of knitted and felted stuff....animals...baskets.... scarves...hats...etc...

-What is your favorite item in your shop?

-Where do you get a lot of your ideas/inspiration?
my mom

-What advice do you have for other Etsy sellers, especially those just starting out?
chat a lot, that's where I get my sales

-What do you do to promote your shop? Do you blog? Twitter? Myspace? Facebook?
none of those...want to blog but have no time....once again I chat and show to people

-Why did you decide to join Minor Effect?
because its a good way to share business ideas for teens and for us to unite =D

Fun Stuff:
What is your favorite-
-color? depends what day you ask... today? blue
-movie? Twilight
-music? Christian
-What item is on your Etsy wishlist?
some earrings and make-up for my sis
-What do you do for fun?
-Tell us a little bit about your family.
Dad (works of course) Mom stays home except Wed night and weekend when she works in the nursery at church...sis 1 year older than me....and I knit...we are homeschooled

-What {mis-}perception in life do you frequently disregard?
the one about immature teenagers

-What book of reference do you turn to most often?