Sunday, May 10, 2009

New members?!?!

We want to thank all our viewers for coming here to check up on us!
We have gone threw EVERY member and everyone has been featured. We can soon start the cycle and refeature everyone again but for now we will not be having weekly features. Sorry guys but it will start back in just a couple weeks. It will be easier during summertime.

I will "interview" (i guess you could say), a couple more people to become members and set up a couple of co-mods!

Then we will focus on chatting again and getting this group orginaized! Then maybe some group sales and such! So bear with me for a bit and I will let you all know whenever we get this group picking up!

Just comment if you have questions or want to join, for the people who are not on etsy. This will be our way of communication, comments. Then I will give you an email address to send emails to. Other wise etsians, contact me at!


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