Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Peasant Soup is Leaving!!!

Well as some of you know (the ones reading my blog)... I am pregnant... AGAIN! We are very excited! But that's not all... soon we will be making the move from Venetie, Alaska back to Middle Tennessee. Not only are we moving but we are driving *sigh*. That will take us over 2 weeks and then we plan on vacationing/camping all the way until July 4th. That doesn't leave me much time to take care of my etsy shop. Anyway I can't really see myself mailing all my items to TN just to ship out again. It will cost me just as much to sell them now at cheaper prices! So that is what I have done! EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! It has all been marked done already. PLEASE PLEASE go see if I have anything that interests you. I am open to trades as well. I will need some things for the kids in the car and we also have NO summer clothes. Oh and I did mention I was pregnant so baby things and maternity things are welcomed.

That being said I will also be handing this group over to GARsticksandstrings soon. If you guys have any questions or anything please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to help out and/or answer your questions ASAP!

Thanks for reading!

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