Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is just the beginning

Hi everyone!
My name is Christina and I am the owner of a shop on etsy called peasantsoup. I was asked to lead a group of etsy members ranging in age from 13-19 years old (not all of them are minors)! I obviously said yes or I would not be here right now (thanks GARsticksandstring and CrochetRUs)! Each of our members have their own creative shops on etsy and we will be featuring a new shop and owner each week. We will also be having group sales and possibly a give away or two so be sure to check back and see what's new here!
See you around!


  1. Hey y'all looks nice!! I am sorry I missed the chat... I had to go to the dentist :P

  2. Wow you guys are amazing! I am so happy to meet Gar, and I think I've chatted with Crochet R us in chat, as well as The Milkshake! You guys are too smart! I wish I had that much get up and go as a teen!! Rock on peeps! :)

    Come check us out at Blockhead Radio!! www.blockheadradiolive.com Great for artisans and SAFE and fun chat/shows! :)

    Once you guys get a good size team I would love to recommend you to our teams show host to be interviewed for the show! (Saturdays at 1 pm Eastern, Artisans Teams and Groups)

    :) Amy