Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This week's Featured Seller is...

Alright, this is the first installment of our brand-new weekly feature. Each week (every Thursday) we will feature one of the amazing Etsy sellers from our group, Minor Effect. This week we thought we'd start with the group admin, peasantsoup!

The Basics:
Name: Christina
Location: Venetie, Alaska, United States
Etsy shop:

The Nitty Gritty:
-Can you tell us the meaning behind your Etsy shop name?
Peasants put everything and anything in their soup, so it is different from one day to the next. Its a perfect name for a shop that worships no genre.

-When did you join Etsy?
April 2008! I joined up and started selling for about 3 months and then there was a few months when I had to close up shop because of the move to Alaska and surgery I had on my arm... it was good for nothing for a while!

-What kinds of things are available for purchase in your shop?
Mostly potato printed things and knitted things but I am slowly adding some paintings. There is always something odd there.

-What is your favorite item from your shop?
The Reflections at Big Lake painting! It was taken right here where I live so it means a lot to me.

-Where do you get your ideas and/or inspiration?
I usually get ideas when I am walking to town to the post office or watching the kids play. The kids have amazing imaginations!

-What advice do you have for other Etsy sellers, especially those just starting out?
Please remember to have shop policies and keep your announcements short!

-What do you do to promote your shop? Do you blog? Twitter? Facebook?

I don't do much right now. I used to hand out business cards all the time but there is no one here to hand them too! Word of mouth works best for me right now.

-Why did you decide to join Minor Effect?
I was asked to. I believe in these kids and I wanted to be a part of this group.

Fun Stuff:
What is your favorite:
All the colors of a sunset
Moulin Rouge, Phantom of the Opera, and Tommy Boy
-type of music?
All of it! Except the new rap stuff... the older I get the less I seem to understand it!

-What item is on your Etsy wishlist? It is called "Grow old along with me". My favorite thing in life to see is those little old couples that you know have been together forever! I hope I look as happy when I am that age.

-What do you do for fun?
I make things, go for a walk, read a book, take some pictures, and dance crazy with the family (it is a favorite here!).

-Tell us a little bit about your family.
I have a husband (Joe) who is a teacher in the village here, a 5 year old son (Gavin), a 3 year old daughter (Macy), and a 20 month old daughter (Molly)! We're a hoot!

-If the plane you were flying on were about to crash who would you want sitting next to you?
Oh for sure Jesus! Hum but now I am thinking I would much rather it be Osama Bin Laden ;)

-If you were a farmer, what would be your most abundant crop?
HAHA! Kids... I have 3 already but my husband wants 6! (I want to adopt the rest!)

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  1. how cute Christina. phantom of the opera is one of my favs too!